We want our guests to feel that they can come whenever they want. And whenever they need. Alone, with a friend or with their entire sister clan. They can stay for a night, a weekend or two weeks.  

People describe this place as a fun summer camp, or as the perfect getaway for a romantic weekend.

There is no real schedule here. Of course, there are some steady hours, like meals, but other than that we live by a moment to moment-philosophy.

So, it’s totally up to you, our guests, how you want to spend your day: in a cozy corner in the garden with a good book, go for a relaxing walk in the forest, hang out with some other guests in the art studio, attend the afternoon yoga class or go on excursions in the surrounding area.

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The cabin

This little jewel is located a bit secluded from the rest of the B&B, with a private bathroom and deck facing the forest.

asphyttan metta house loft

The loft

The loft can be a family room, a room for a group of friends or a dormitory for singles!

asphyttan metta house room 1

Room 1

A double bedroom for a couple or great friends!

asphyttan metta house room 2

Room 2

A double room for a couple or friends - if they want to bring their furry friend, this room is furry friend-allowed!