We don't want to be yet another cool yoga venue, we want our guests to feel as if they have been invited in to a fun-loving home filled with positive vibrations - located in the deep forests of Sweden, surrounded by lakes and the most amazing wild life.  

Each retreat and teacher training will be designed to offer our guests an experience like no other. Which means we will cater to all levels - from beginners to experienced practitioners. 

We are all about detoxing from the everyday digital life. With us, you will get some down time in order to experience nature, return to your breath and accept yourself, and others. 

The schedule will be full of fun things, but not packed - we want our guests to have enough time to relax, enjoy the surrounding area, hang out, play in the art studio etc.

INSTRUCTORS - We collaborate with some of Scandinavia’s most celebrated teachers/instructors - within yoga, mindfulness, meditation, self-expression, creative expression, outdoor etc.

MANAGEMENT - Each retreat will be managed by Simon and Philippa - they will host, cook, clean and facilitate artistic workshops and bring the group on excursions in the surrounding area. The teachers will bring you on an inner, and outer, journey.


• Instruction language: English or Swedish (depending on the teacher)

• Spoken languages: Swedish and English

GROUP SIZE - Even though we have room for 20 guests, we will initially offer about 12-16 spots per retreat - to make the experience more personal, and to offer the participants more space.

FULL BOARD - Each retreat includes accommodation (in our beautiful dormitory or in shared bedrooms), bed linens, three home-cooked vegetarian meals (light breakfast, lunch and supper), voluntary meditation group-sits (every morning and evening), 2-3 classes per day (depending on the level), inspiring lectures and much, much more.

DURATION - Most retreats will be held during weekends - beginning on Thursday or Friday afternoon and finishing on Sunday afternoon. Teachers trainings would be longer, or divided into several weekends, depending on the type of training.


Restorative retreat_Asphyttans hemsida.png

Restore your mind and body

From the 24th - 26th of August we are co-hosting a beautiful retreat with Elin Sandberg and Anna Åkerlund. We will focus on restorative yoga, together with breathing exercises, meditation and free flow (dance). Read more mot the retreat here. 

Insta NF_Kreativt skrivande_Flora och Yrsa copy.png

Creative writing

Who wouldn't love a weekend dedicated to creative writing? From the 19 - 21 October we are co-hosting a retreat with the author and blogger, Flora Wiström, together with the poet and author, Yrsa Keysendal. For more info about the retreat, click here. 


Yinyoga retreat_Rätt_Retreat-sidan_ENG 3.png

Find your way home w. Yin Yoga

This summer, we'll be welcoming, together with the amazing teacher, Annikki Ollikainen, 15 students. They will be taught a relaxing and therapeutic yoga style - Yin Yoga. This style focuses on how to let go - in order to calm down mind and body. Yin Yoga is the opposite of the yang based yoga, which is much more focused on physical exercise (like Vinyasa or Ashtanga). Yin is all about relaxation and stillness, while yang is all about activity. And in order to enhance your overall well-being - both sides requires love.                            Read more about the retreat here.