We don't want to be yet another cool yoga venue, we want our guests to feel as if they have been invited in to a fun-loving home filled with positive vibrations - located in the deep forests of Sweden, surrounded by lakes and the most amazing wild life.

Each retreat and teacher training will be designed to offer our guests an experience like no other, which means we will cater to all of your needs, conditions and levels of practice (from beginners to experienced practitioners).

We are all about detoxing from the everyday digital life. With us, you will get some down time in order to experience nature, return to your breath and accept yourself, and others.

The schedule will be full of fun things, but not packed - we want our guests to have enough time to relax, enjoy the surrounding area, hang out, play in the art studio etc.


asphyttan metta house yoga retreat

Complete restoration

do you look for a way to dive into the depth of yourself? Look no further - this weekend gives you all that, and some more. This weekend you will be guided by our two favorites, Elin “Yogadoktorn” and Anna Viktoria, through yoga, estatic dance and meditation.

Find more info here (in Swedish)

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Creative writing & yoga - June

Are you curios about exploring your writing? For the 4th time, we invite our 2 friends (and authors) Yrsa Keysendal and Flora Wiström, to co-host a creative retreat where we mix creative writing with yoga and meditation.

Find more info here (in Swedish)

yin yoga teacher training SWEDEN asphyttan Metta house


Want to become a yin yoga teacher? During the first week of August (1st-8th), we have invited the amazing and established yoga teacher, Elisabeth Kaufmann, to guide 18 curious participants.

Find more info here (in Swedish)


Sommarlugn_yoga mot stress_retreat_asphyttan metta house

Summer equanimity

Start your summer (6-9 June) with a calming retreat where we focus on activating the parasympathetic nervous system (to restore body and mind) - through slow vinyasa, yin, yoga nidra and breathwork.

Find more info here (in Swedish)

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Day retreat -

May 11th

Are you curious about yoga or seeking new inspiration för your self-practice?

On the 11th of May (Saturday) we invite 18 beautiful souls to devote an entire day to explore the body in movement, stillness and rest. We will practice a couple of different yoga styles: hatha, yin and yoga nidra. Because when we combine yin (passive) with yang (active) we help balance our overall well-being.

Find more info here (In Swedish)

Anna  Viktoria Åkerlund Yogalärare Yogaretreat Asphyttan Metta House

Restore body & soul

Welcome to a healing weekend (12-14 April) where you will be guided by the lovley teacher, Anna Viktoria, and experience your connection between your mind, body and soul through slow hatha, restorative, yin and meditation.

Find more info here (in Swedish)

Creative writing retreat Asphyttan Metta House

Retreat: Creative writing

During this winter we are happy to co-host two seperate creative writing retreats: (31st of Jan-3rd of Feb) and 21st -24th of February). You will be guided be the amazing author duo: Flora Wiström och Yrsa Keysendal. You will discuss dialogue and dramaturgy and be provided with a variety of writing exercises. And to give the mind some rest, we will enjoy 2 yoga classes each day.

Find more info here (in Swedish)

dagsretreat asphyttan metta house

Day retreat - anchor yourself

Welcome to a lovely day retreat with Philippa and Veronica. We invite 20 beautiful souls to focus on the breath, and how we can use it to anchor your spirit, body and mind. We will apply it in Mindfulness, Ashtanga and Yinyoga. Level? Beginners and intermediate.

SOLD OUT. Details: 750 SEK - pre-register only

Find more info here (in Swedish)

yinyoga retreat asphyttan metta house

Detox with yin

On the 14th - 17th of February we welcome 16 participants to a long weekend to heal both body and soul through Yin yoga. The cost covers accomodation at our lovely B&B, amazing vegan food, inspiring talks, along time to discover the surrounding nature, enjoy some good moments in the jacuzzi and sauna.


Find more info here (in Swedish)

yoga & brunch asphyttan metta house

Yoga & brunch

Our next Yoga & Brunch is coming up - on the 13th of January to be specific!

09.30-11.30: Yoga class Hatha & yin

11.30-12.30: Vegetarian brunch

Details: 20 spots. 250 kr.

Sign up by sending Philippa a text to 0703-751627.

Restorative retreat_Asphyttans hemsida.png

Restore your mind and body

From the 24th - 26th of August we are co-hosting a beautiful retreat with Elin Sandberg and Anna Åkerlund. We will focus on restorative yoga, together with breathing exercises, meditation and free flow (dance).

Insta NF_Kreativt skrivande_Flora och Yrsa copy.png

Creative writing

Who wouldn't love a weekend dedicated to creative writing? From the 19 - 21 October we are co-hosting a retreat with the author and blogger, Flora Wiström, together with the poet and author, Yrsa Keysendal.

Yinyoga retreat_Rätt_Retreat-sidan_ENG 3.png

Find your way home

This summer, we'll be welcoming, together with the amazing teacher, Annikki Ollikainen, 15 students. They will be taught a relaxing and therapeutic yoga style - Yin Yoga. This style focuses on how to let go - in order to calm down mind and body. Yin Yoga is the opposite of the yang based yoga, which is much more focused on physical exercise (like Vinyasa or Ashtanga). Yin is all about relaxation and stillness, while yang is all about activity. And in order to enhance your overall well-being - both sides requires love.