CAFÉ, RESTAURANT & EVENT VENUE - The café can easily be transformed from the cosy café as it is, into a private restaurant, or a venue for larger parities. The café can host more than 50 guests, while dinners can host between 20-25 guests. If your party is larger than that, then we can host the event at the community building next to Asphyttan Metta House - the so-called "Hembygdsgården". Here we can host parties with up to 60 people.


• Café: From June-August, the café is open every day - between 10 am and 4 pm. From August-May, the café is opened on specific occasions - when arranging fun activities for kids and older kids ;) Such as painting workshops, live music, themed dinner etc. To stay up to date with what's happening - pls visit our Facebook-page! 

• Restaurant: The restaurant is not a so-called "drop in restaurant", but one where you have to book in advance in order to get a meal. So, if yo have given us notice, we can cook dinner for both B&B guests (a minimum party of 2 people) as well as visitors (with a minimum party of 4 people). The opening hours for dinner parties is usually between 6 pm and 8 pm.


  • Café: <50 guests

  • Dinner:

    • Eating with others: 1 guest or more

    • Private dinners in the café: 6-30 people

    • Private events in Hembygdsgården: more than 30 people


  • Café: Cookies , buns and pastries 15-45 SEK, Bread rolls, wraps and sandwiches 25-65 SEK, Sallads 49-79 SEK

  • Restaurant: Lunches 59-109 SEK, Dinners 135-350 SEK

MANAGEMENT - The café is managed by the owners, Simon and Philippa, together with the most amazing crew - Julia, Julia and Tova. Three brilliant women, who all are super skilled in cooking, baking and providing our guests with true service. Without them, this place would not be what is it.